We deliver on our priorities in 2 ways:


We are actively seeking partners to work with us, to help shape the programme and help identify further resources to deliver. If you have future plans that you think will fit with My Cambridge please contact us.



There are a number of commissioning opportunities through My Cambridge, to support targeted work. If you are interested in being considered for a commission again, please contact us.

The following activities have been created under the My Cambridge umbrella so far:

Group of school children

Activate offers young people entering secondary school the opportunity to build their confidence and aspiration through discovering arts and cultural venues and activities across Cambridge, learning and applying creative skills.


The experience, delivered by a range of professional arts practitioners, enables the participants to develop as young leaders and improves their engagement with school life.


For more insight into Activate, click here.

Cambridge culture card


The Cambridgeshire Culture Card (branded as XP and Xplore] is a pilot arts engagement scheme for children, young people and families.


The scheme aims to offer free or affordable events and activities that appeal to children and young people, via exciting offers and opportunities to earn and spend reward points.


Subject to the pilot’s success, the scheme will be scaled up to encompass the whole county and beyond, offering a means to communicate a community’s local cultural offering.

Children painting activate project
Children enjoying museum
Act up project the junction Cambridge

A drama/social theatre programme designed to support young people at risk of involvement with the criminal justice system.


The programme aimed to support young people with the development of a set of creative and analytical skills and tools for the constructive management of social situations. These skills included, but were not limited to: personal and collective bargaining; increased communication; reflectivity and self-esteem; teamwork, exchange and discussion. The programme aimed to work with 30 young people, aged 14-19, resident in Cambridge.

To view a sample of the work, click here.